A Century and a Half years…

A Century and a Half years...

I stumbled upon my old pictures in my flash drive and saw this photo. The photo was taken back in July, this year. I remember I took this picture while seated at a conference in Sta. Isabel College, listening to an American priest who happens to be the Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission (a congregation of priests around the world where St. Vincent de Paul is their Patron Saint and founder) and the Daughters of Charity (a congregation of nuns with the same patron saint and same founder as the Congregation of the Mission), Fr. Gregory Gay. I sat and looked around to amuse myself with the camera, not that I wasn’t listening to any word the priest was saying, I just don’t want my eyes to shut off completely ’cause it was nearly dark. So, anyway, I caught this guy with the t-shirt who, is in the state as I am (sleepy, but fighting it), adjusting his seat now and then just to avoid shutting his eyes off, too.

I took a photo, (and yes, slightly/mildly edited it) and it looks, nice. 🙂 It just makes me remember the days when we went out of town to celebrate what’s written on that guy’s t-shirt.

I’m a Vincentian, so…I was pretty honored to be chosen to attend this, (I mean, public personalities were there!).

It may be a random post, but I just like to remember and come on, the photo’s pretty awesome for me. And I met the guy right after the conference! Score!

Didn’t see the guy after, though. Doesn’t have a good personality as I thought.


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