A Walk by the Beach


This is one of my favorite beaches I know. It’s Rizal beach, named after the Philippine hero, Jose Rizal. Enough of that, though. I went to the beach to cool off from urban life. The breeze makes me breathe a little more easier than being in the city does. That’s why I went. Played Frisbee with my dad and my mom and a little bit of football. Best Family Quality time in such a loooong time.

d (5)

(Above) This is from the inside of the cottage. Really cozy place. Music was playing, there was a pillow under my head and a cool breeze sweeps on your face like it’s the most cleanest air. But I started to zoom in closer…

d (1)

Aha! 🙂 Some of the residents I caught through the camera were just swimming around, playing, most probably, and are siblings or related in a possible sense. I know you may be wondering what the hell is the umbrella for. Unlike Americans, Filipinos are naturally…BROWN. We don’t wanna risk getting more darker than that. So…they probably have no money to buy some sunscreen soo…the umbrella seems like their most logical choice..and since they’re just children. 🙂 And a mother.

It was a fun day at the beach. But, it’s a little bit frustrating I don’t get to be in the pictures. Tsk, burdens of a photographer. But I love my work and it makes me happy. 🙂

Wanna come with me at the beach some time?


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