“Life and Living”

Our lives are defined by three courses of time: Past, Present and the Future. These three are intertwined in a way most people depend on; the things we do in the present time is a result of what we did or what we’ve seen in the past, and what makes our future are the things we do in the present. And the thing I learned out of everything I’ve inferred about life is that the most important thing to do in our lives is to…


‘Live life to the fullest,’ they say. ‘Live each day like it’s your last,’ they say. It’s a philosophy I’ve been holding on to everyday,

Back then, I’ve been living my life in a doubt. Everyday is a day for me to be skeptic. Everyday I have to question myself and continuously answer “What if”s in my head. And when expectations fail, I become a reticent being wandering about in this world. I would remain unscathed but my heart is flooding with regrets.

But then I learned, WHAT THE HELL, right? It doesn’t matter if you fail every now and then. It doesn’t matter if you made a mistake and regretted it.

You LIVED. THAT, matters.

People tend to be cautious when they make mistakes. They try everything not to be perfunctory. I say? Forget it.


Living isn’t about perfection, its about being human. And being human isn’t perfect. The idea of perfection in the lives of humanity doesn’t exist, for the fact that our imperfections make us perfect.

Enjoy, and be entailed in happiness.

Time never stops. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years would pass, there are going to be moments you wish never happened, moments when your mind is shrouded with endless thoughts of “What could have been”. But there will be moments of gratitude, and moments where you wish you could relive again.

Time will never stop. That is why we need to live. We shouldn’t dwell on the past for a reason that it could destroy us the moment it defines our life.

The past is nothing BUT the past. We can choose a different future.



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