The 2am Photo: What it all was.


It’s 2AM and your phone has just buzzed you awake, filling the room in white-blue LED light. You have a message. It’s a photo. No words, no explanation. Just a photo. Tell us all about it. And what happens next.

She could hear a bee buzzing near her left ear. “There’s a bee?” she asked herself. She almost panicked. She hates bees.

But no. Too loud. And the buzzing was too constant.

She realized it was still dark out. The bee was a stupid idea. She couldn’t find a trace of light behind her closed eyelids. But the sound was still there. It was probably the alarm, she thought. But her alarm was a Maroon 5 song, not a buzzing sound. Half of her mind says ignore it and saying it will be over soon. Half of her mind wasn’t convinced.

The phone, she finally concluded. After a lonely night last night, she remembered placing her phone carelessly at a drawer beside her bed. Now, she is clueless what time it is. She looked up her wrist watch and pressed a button. A dim light glowed and she could see that it was… 2am?? 

The buzzing stopped. But now that she’s awake, she’s curious what and why there was a buzzing sound from her phone. Judging by the length of time it was vibrating, it was a text. She struggled to roll herself at the direction of her phone. She stretched her right arm and reached for the source of the disturbance. Alas, she failed. Her phone went tumbling down the cream-colored carpet. The discreet thuds from the fall were almost deafening. She was too tired and still lacking sleep. She’ll be off for work after a few hours. This must end, she thought.

Like a machine out of grease, her movements were slow as she struggles to break free of the extreme gravity of the bed and the consummate temptation of sleep. Moments later, she was up. She opened her eyes and blinked slowly. A few seconds passed, she stood up and reached her phone that was faced down on the carpet. At the slightest moment before her hand reached her phone, she had a strange feeling that she had to remember something. Something she needs to be excited for, but at the same time something took that feeling away. She realized all of a sudden that the her loneliness last night was the cause of her feeling to subside.

What is it? she desperately tried to answer. Is it my birthday? Do I have dinner with my family today?

She flinched and took a step back. She turned sharply at her bed. She looked at her bed thoroughly, the white bed sheets that used to be messy, the pillows that used to be slightly flat from two heads that were against each other. She turned her eyes to the drawer that used to be filled with books that were read, not of her, but of a companion.

The thought of him made her eyes plop tears that run down and kissed her cheeks. She let out a slight sob. Then she turned to her phone, laying face down but still containing the answer she needs.

But she’s still in the midst of figuring out what she forgot. She looked at the bed and turned her eyes back down on the floor, looking directly at her phone. In the shortest of moments, she grabbed her phone.

The sudden glow of bright lights almost blinded her. But as her pupil goes to a normal scenario, she saw a message on her phone.


She swiped the screen to unlock security. She tapped the on-screen button: READ and the message filled the screen.

It was a photo of a man holding a bouquet of roses. His visage made her cry, and her longing increased. After a while, she felt her phone vibrating again. A text. A text that made her eyes filled with tears.

Happy Anniversary, Honey. I miss you. I’m coming home.


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