Expressed and Defined


“With every great relationship comes a great


Love, like everything else in the world, is imperfect, an unbalanced equation that can’t be solved easily, a pen out of ink, a hole in a pocket, a pirated DVD, a money”less” wallet, an enigmatic parable, a confusing puzzle…many grew tired of it, many spent their lives trying to fix it, many sacrificed to give life to it, many struggled to find balance. There were failures.

But there were successes.

Love, like everything else in the world, has two sides. A coin tossed in the air and fell, a card faced down, a Jedi and a Sith, Nostradamus’ notebook, a grade report card, a lotto ticket…many have tried but failed, many consulted with a crystal ball, many predicted. Their predictions were wrong.

But some were right.

Love, like everything else in the world, is beautiful, the daydreams, the stares, the touches, the accidental gestures, the blushes, the sweaty palms, the sunsets, the kiss, the single blanket, his arms, her smiles, his morning eyes, her adorable yawns…many saw, many heard, many felt. They were happy.

But not always.

Love, like some of the things in the world, have burdens, the broken promises, his busy schedules, her unavailability, the missed calls, unreplied texts, the walk-outs, the long distance, the tears, the sleepless nights, him missing her, her missing him…many gave in to temptation, many walked out, many gave up.

But not everyone.

You see? Love is so many things. But love’s fate isn’t in the hands of someone else, it isn’t in the words of the Bible, or in the speech of an old lady. Love has always been with you, in you, for YOU. Love is not love when it isn’t shared, and the fate of both of you depends on how you turn things around, even amid the strongest of storms, or the look of the fiercest lions ready to gobble you up.

Losing love is worse than losing money. It is painful than getting hit by a freight train, or being banged on the head by a bottle of beer. Losing someone you love is like losing half of your soul, half of your heart, half of your world. That’s why we try our best to keep it…safe and sound…to make her feel loved…to make him feel cared.

Love knows no fear, other than losing itself. Love makes you want to reach Mt. Everest or jump off a cliff, love takes all the risks, takes all the pain, takes all the shame, for the sake of giving happiness to the other. This is not the love God has for His creatures, or a father to his child or a person to his god. This a love shared by two people who were once strangers, who were once unsure, who were once confused. This is a love that blossomed to be exhilarating, and caused an impact so deep that it becomes hard to detach ourselves from it. People may frequently judge it as juvenile, but it’s up to the both of you to prove them they’re wrong. You write your own story.

Love is imperfection, but it is in its imperfection, that love becomes beautiful and worth it. Because…

“With every great relationship comes a great burden…and the strength to carry it.”
-Carter, Smallville S10


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