The Controversial Language of Gay Rights

Obama’s right to side with what he thinks is right for the nation, in fact, it affected the whole world. People are people. Whoever they may be, and whoever they may become. We don’t have the right to deprive them from what they want to be in society. Being human means having a choice, we are not territorial animals who disregard those people who can’t keep up with society. The only thing we need to set our minds to is to discuss matters of whether their personality has become violent or not, where justice of crimes butt in. Until then, debates are useless, for we are HUMAN.


When Obama tweeted in support of same-sex marriage this week, he used the hashtag #MarriageEquality. That term, like so many words and phrases inherent to America’s grapple over gay rights, is a loaded one. (After all, who wants to oppose equality?) TIME spoke to language experts about hot-button phrases associated with the arguments the Supreme Court Justices heard today, many of which make reporting on the topic a tricky proposition.

Take traditional marriage. On the one hand, opponents of same-sex marriage can use that language to purposefully elevate heterosexual marriage as a more established, legitimate relationship. In a piece assessing journalists’ coverage of same-sex-marriage battles for Columbia Journalism Review, Jennifer Vanasco highlights this point:

She uses “traditional marriage advocates” to refer to people against same-sex marriage and “gay marriage” to name the issue. “Gay marriage” and “same-sex marriage” are neutral terms. But “traditional marriage” is not. It’s a phrase…

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