Daily Prompt: Prized Possession

My stuffed animal named Doggie. I became extremely attached to it that I bring it wherever I go. I got him when I was 8 years old. It was there when I cried, when I was happy, when I achieved something… It’s still with me, and I’m treating him as special as I did when I first got him. But, surprisingly, after six years, a friend saw another stuffed animal EXACTLY like it. I bought it immediately. When I researched the brand, (Doggie’s brand was erased in time, from all the laundry) it said that the Beanie Babies “Tracker” (true name of toy) was already discontinued. I was surprised because I can’t believe that I have two of those toys which probably are the only two of the few that could still be existing. And yeah, I named the new one Tracker. And I’m thinking of giving it to my future kids someday.


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