Camera Testing

So I borrowed  a friend of mine’s “UNDERWATER” Camera. We went to the beach and checked it out. Well, YOU be the judge. 🙂 

There was a demolished pier at the far side of the beach. Few people go there, as they are to busy dipping their feet at the shore. But, my friend and I often go there to kill time and watch the cliche sunset. (But its very beautiful) I’ll post the photo of the beach next time. 



This is the view in between the water and the surface above. There were, of course, big rocks from the demolition that some locals refused to remove. On the far FAR side of the beach, if you’re standing over these rocks, it’s a popular spot for surfers. (Again, I’ll try posting the pictures. For now, we were in a hurry.)



The moss was adhesive, to say the least. But under the rocks were starfishes and some dead corals with moss covering it. The photo shows…well, it’s there. It’s pretty hard to get the photo, but I dipped my hand in there anyway. 


I know the picture is a bit…blurred, but if it wasn’t that cute little bugger will  make your day. 


Here are the other photos. 

But this is one of my favorites. Image

Yup! Dipped my hand and click! It’s cute isn’t it?! 

…and finally. 🙂



Wee! I’ll post the others later. Have a nice day.


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