“Porta Fidei: The Apple, the Gold Bar and the Crossroads”


It’s the year of faith. And the doors are opened.

During the span of years we have lived, we have been thrown into the pit of evil, whipped with the lash of cruelty, and even threatened our lives with injustice. Truly, it is an aching wound in our society these days. The harsh reality consumes us, leading us to a possible future, nearly oblivion, a place of hopelessness and shattered dreams of the innocent youth. That could happen, and it could be our fault. But the choice is out there, whether to live the life given but in darkness, or hang on to the light, that light that has always been…at the end of tunnels.

Porta Fidei.

The prodigious opening of the ‘Year of Faith’ had spread wide of its doors on October 11, 2012, as it is also the opening of the Second Vatican Council and the 20th anniversary of the publication of the Catechism of the Catholic Church by Blessed John Paul II. The Year of Faith ends on the 24th of November 2013 that is the Solemn Feast of Christ the King, throughout the world. The Holy Father is convinced that the Second Vatican Council, if interpreted and implemented according to the mind of the Church stretching back to the Apostles, ‘can be and can become increasingly powerful for the ever necessary renewal of the Church’ (Porta Fidei 5), says Catholic-year-of-faith.com. It was Pope Benedict XVI who declared that the year of faith be in succession this year. It was in his letter, Porta Fidei or the ‘Doors of Faith’ that it should be opened, with the theme embedded on the title of the year itself, ‘rediscovering faith and retracing the history of our faith’ as said by the Holy Father himself in the letter. (Porta Fidei, 13).

The truth of faith.

His eyes are one of those that saw the invisible gap between the people and their faith, believers and non-believers alike, who have lost their way in the process, because of the changing environment and a compelling contradiction to the faith. But it is unpredictable, as life is. People may believe and people may do not. What matters anyway is that they live and, whether they believe it or not, God would love us no less, even if the world turned against Him.

The year of faith is an attempt to bring those who have lost their way to their faith, even the people who didn’t have faith in the first place. As it is only an attempt, success is evitable. But Pope Benedict’s hope isn’t turned down any less. This Year of Faith, it is the Apple, the Gold Bar and the Crossroads that represent each essential thing for this year; Knowledge, Chance and Choice.

The survival of an everlasting Faith. In any way that may be. 

The Doors of Faith give us the knowledge of the truth, the truth that faith is what kept humanity living for centuries. Whether faith in the church, science or just yourself, it is faith nonetheless. But as Catholics, faith means ‘belief and devotion to Christ and the Father’. This realization is the Apple given by faith to all, men and women alike, through the doors of faith.

With the Apple, and the Doors of Faith opened, an opportunity is granted to each, like a gold bar waiting to be claimed. But whether or not you choose to take it, it is within your knowledge and consciousness, and that is when you finally enter through the Doors of Faith, and see yourself in the middle of a crossroad. Are you going back to living without anything to believe in and spend the rest of your life knowing there’s nothing but a dull sense of life for you out there? Or are you going to take the gold bar, and let yourself be enthralled into the idea of an enlightened state of mind? Nothing preposterous, of course. It is as realistic as it can be, and it guarantees success and excitement in life. No, the Year of Faith may concretely say something about encountering Christ in your life, but the Board believes that it also meant having faith in something that do you good in any way possible.

The Doors of Faith gives you the Apple. It’s time to choose whether to take that Gold Bar. 


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