Repurposing the Lady Legend of the Trinity

Wonder Woman, my personal favorite superhero of the DC universe, has been raised to glory once again in the recent series spanning from 2012 to 2013. The volume 4 of the series gained 5 full stars in every review I have read, and these five stars were justified as I read from Issue No. 1 to the recent Issue No. 18.

The Queen of Robots (Issue No. 18) is the recent release this May. Although many have leaked the next two issues in the internet, it doesn’t matter. The series is great nonetheless.

The Upside

First of all, the first time I saw the cover of the first issue, I was compelled to read because of how modern the art is. The colors portrayed the real Wonder Woman-ish look for the comics. The art of every issue since the first one compels you to read on till the end, and crave for more. Same goes for how the plot is created. Every issue brings a thrilling twist that would make you go, “What?! Why did that happen??” or “Who the hell is she/he?!”. Of course, the comic series never fail to introduce a character in such a way that makes you realize who he/she (or which Greek god or goddess is he/she). The involvement of Gods, goddess and demigods (and occasionally other characters outside Greek history) made the series more interesting. It’s like reading Percy Jackson, only better.

The art of the combat moments in the series moves the reader into looking at it like a movie, and sometimes, you never want to stop reading till you finished the action. NOTHING made me stop it. 🙂

Generally, the Wonder Woman Volume 4 deserved the 5-star review. Everything was carefully plotted; from the art, the plot and the twists of the story that will surely give the reader a great and iconic experience that has always been with the great volumes of Wonder Woman.

The Downside

There’s not much to say about the downsides of the recent series. Only that I expected a bit of romance which I didn’t see so far from the series. The romance I’m talking about is the serious one. There was no sign of Steve Trevor (Or Superman, for that matter.) and no romantic moments. Except when she kissed Orion on Issue #19. That was one. But it wasn’t really serious. (I wish it was, for a moment there.)



A cunning cover for Issue #8 of the series.

The Lady of the Trinity

Generally, the whole series was just proof how she is the DC universe most loved female superhero, as well as proof of her being part of DC universe’s Trinity, along side Batman and Superman.The series is a depiction why she could never ever end and will always be one of the greatest characters in not just the comic world, but in the heart of those who know and love her by heart.

And that includes me.

A 6 out of 5 stars for me. 🙂


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