Sweat runs down the sides of my temple. I retreat to my usual refuge to regain my lost breath. I swiped my hands over my arms and my stomach that were trembling. My knees wobble in its tiredness and the rest of my body is starting to surrender. I inhaled the scent that surrounds this overt sanctuary, and exhaled at the exhaustion of the day, only to realize the increasing hunger that’s been making my fingers tremble.

But as I turned my head sharply on my left to hear what seems to be like rocks falling from the sides of a mountain, or plastic being rubbed between palms, I flinched at how it was a simple oxymoron; a pleasing disturbance. The sound it made was like a symphony of harsh noises and crackles of a fire that have awakened a famished soul. I stood up with all might and with an unwavering determination. He was at hand’s reach, his figure tangibly displayed among others, standing out yet safely unnoticed and reserved. My eyes do not escape his. I suddenly became a beastly predator in a jungle of unclaimed desires. This time, though, I am certain to claim mine, along with a wish to devour its cheesy flesh.

I was overwhelmed by how my body was drained of energy just moments ago. But now, seeing his ravishing visage before me, so close and in detail, he captures my heart with a scent he uniquely emits. He was finally mine to take, for me to hold and devour so pleasurably. I grabbed him as if he has a bounty in his head and the world was on his tail. I held him in my arms, tight and secure, and took him to a place where we can be alone, where I can cherish his offers to my heart’s content.

He rests comfortably beside a fluffed pillow. I melt in his presence. His aura remains unscathed amidst all else within the four corners of my room. I humbly dwell in the fantasy of his figure where I will dominate him, eating away his sweetest parts and oh, who knows what I’ll do.

Finally, he and I alone.

I tore off his silky covering, piece by piece, with the gentlest of care, savoring every lavish moment under the dim lights. His innocence is being ripped apart from him as I reveal the yellowish flesh that he has been hiding inside of him for so long. My lips were turning yellow like his flesh, and so were the tip of my fingers. My plans had worked, I was able to dominate him, reach for him with all freedom and with utmost excitement. As I took another part of him, the taste exploded in my mouth and melted away, excreting sweet juices and the rest of its flavor. With every take and with every moment of fulfilling desire, I only crave for more. I cannot stop. It is addicting, like meth to lowlife men. But no, mine is not for men with no class or taste, mine depicts an ornament of both simplicity and luxury. Back from the jungle where he came from, offers a plethora of tastes such as his, in fact, the same as his. I cannot wait to be back for more! But for now, he is near to deplete and I just continuously devour him, every deluxe moment seemed ethereal and unlimited. Oh! How I wish he never runs out! It was all the same with each passing moment, I am bombarded with a kind of taste that I’ve always known and expected of him. Now we’re near the end, I lick each of my fingers that acquired sediments of his flavorful offers, as if I’m not yet satisfied.

After all this, our hearts were in contentment. He was no more, and I was satisfied. But every time this moment comes upon me, it is when I realize the feeling of wanting him again, to retreat to his nature and devour him once more.

This has been a steamy love affair, of me and a companion who has been there for my needs, my desires, my craving. This is a love affair, of me and my Clover Chips.


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