A Day Under An Old Sunshine

…is the title of my blog post for today…

…for a reason that I have been reunited with my old high school friends just earlier today. Those euphoric moments that I was there with them again after what seemed to be ages just made my heart leap, and felt a tingle of nostalgia in between those moments. Though our batch weren’t complete then, it felt like an entire class was there. It was funny to see them settled in different conversations, sharing about how their current college lives have been, how short or long their hair got or even how they still manage to play computer games together like they used to. I paused and looked at them engaged in their own moments and I thought, “Wow, it’s like high school all over again.”


At first, I was scared of going, to be completely honest. I have adopted to a different kind of environment now that I’m in college. I wasn’t one of those “I-wish-I-could-get-back-in-high-school-again” type of person. Maybe because my social life didn’t really “boomed” then until now. I was scared I might cripple and get stuck in between conversations because I haven’t seen them for a while…AND, as I said, I’ve adopted to a completely different environment now. I almost hesitated to go.

“Aw, but for old time’s sake.” I said to myself.

When I went there, I didn’t even have the slightest of regrets.


What happened to me was, I took advantage of a more ‘lively’ me. I was opening up and laughing, hell, I was taking my “selfies”, that ultimate trend of taking pictures of ourselves or with anyone with you holding the camera of a phone (or any device, for that matter).

Seeing their faces now, grown and possibly looked a lot older than before, made me think how much far we’ve gone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s only been months. The transition of high school to college is a gigantic leap in the chapter of our lives, in fact, it’s not even considered as a chapter; it could be a new book. It’s a new set of game, with different rules and different challenges. This transition is what kept this reunion so meaningful and acted as if we haven’t seen each other in years.

It’s a meet-up with the new ‘US’ after graduation.

Most of all, it’s nice seeing how things feel the same way like before, no one forgets and everyone still cares about everyone; though not as much but still, the love…it’s somewhere above and around us.

Scary as life may be as we move on, life is still better when you know you’ve got people who knew/knows you and that you’ve been part of their lives, and in their hearts and minds forever…

…and this is something we should always be reminded of. Because these kind of people in our lives are what makes each and everyday worth living.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. nessot says:

    I love this! The humour and intelligence behind your words is breathtaking.


    1. I just wanted to post something for my old friends… I guess all the words that came out came from my, let’s say, heart. 🙂 Hahaha. Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say those. 🙂


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