The wind blows in gentle caress

The sun shines bright and gentle no less

But as I stare at the vast sea

It’s his face I remember and see

The trees sway as I start to remember

Our subtle moments together from November

My heart skips a beat and I smile

Thankful and hopeful we’ll last a long while

The day he held and locked fingers with mine

Caused my world to shake and yours to shine

The moment we knew what we felt was real not odd

It’s as if our love was written by God

At a room delightfully trapped with no place to run to

You asked if I love you, I said “Dammit. I do.”

The words resounded within those four walls

And caused our hearts to fall even more

Since then we’ve been thinking a lot of each other

We’ve spent each time loving and being together

We do our gentle touches, we crave tender kisses

In the silence of our actions, our love is still fearless

My! What a feeling it is to love

Our emotions flying high like a dove

I can’t help but to think of him and I

Loving each other as the day goes by

What you read was a brief summary

Of a simple yet dynamic love story

As simple as it is, love’s like this

Writing about feelings keeps my heart where it is

If I had more time, I could make this long

Or put good melodies and just make a song

It may seem common; it may seem like a fuzz

But I tell you, no words can fill my heart like he does


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