The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks: A Book Review

It’s my first book review for my blog. I thought about making one since I really came across this book again. And I love this book. I extremely do. Why?

Here’s why.

This book isn’t your typical love story that everyone can relate to. Some may not even understand all the details within the story but there are essential elements that are overt in all of Nicholas Sparks books. These elements are what makes his books a fan-favorite and must-read:

  1. The subtle and sweet details of the characters’ profiles portrayed and applied in different realistic situations.Image
  2. The plotted and heart-pounding twists that may or may not result to a tragic conclusion.
  3. Lastly, what makes all his books a favorite among all types of people is that it talks about the one thing we can all relate to: LOVE.

“The Rescue” is a tear-jerker, to say the least. It’s plotted in a way that none of us can hold the book down even for a minute, knowing we might lose our minds thinking of what might be next. The book is bombarded with life-lessons about love, fear of uncertainty, attachment, moving on, listening and knowing when to give up or not. The book characters may not signify or present a common situation to most young readers but what most readers hold on to is the idea that love, in its most unusual forms, is what makes things in life worth it. The events will start an ember in you, but even that is an understatement. The book will make you feel a lot of things, and a kid will capture your heart.

A perfect 5-star coming from a long time N. Sparks fan and a reader and writer as well.

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    1. Have you read it? If you have, don’t tell me not even a tear wanted to come out of those eyes!


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