Liebster Award, eh? Cool.

So, I’ve read about this Liebster Award ever since I’ve started blogging on WordPress back in 2012 (I think), but never really paid attention to it since I was only starting and I had no idea my blog would reach even 5 followers. My blog had a different name then, and I was just trying my luck on writing online. Unfortunately, I wasn’t that active since I had tons of responsibilities at school and then, there was no wi-fi at home yet. I go to some internet cafe, pay for an hour then post what I want to post on my blog–which I only do like, twice a month, sometimes after two months. (Man, just remembering it makes me cringe. Internet was luxury for us here then.) But there was a fortunate turn of events, in which I acquired Wi-fi and the opportunity to blog more. After some name-changing and making my blog active as much as I can, I gained followers. And one of them is… SelfMadeJournalist!! Who, for some reason, nominated me for the Liebster Award! For those who don’t know the Liebster Award, I’ll use the description that LoudThoughtsVoicedOut used, the blogger who was nominated by Aul and the blogger who nominated SelfMadeJournalist for the Liebster Award. (That’s a lot of tags)

“The Liebster Award is awarded to bloggers with under 200 followers to try to promote their blog a little and also bring together a community of bloggers. The rules of the competition are as follows:

The nominated user must provide a link back to the person who nominated them (me). Provide 11 facts about yourself. Answer 11 question set by the person who nominated you. Choose 11 more people and ask them 11 questions!”

Got it?

As sort of a commercial break from all of this, check out the blog who nominated me, especially if you need anything, anything AT ALL when it comes to journalism and writing, go straight to SelfMadeJournalist‘s blog and get your brain and writing skills working!

Okay? Here goes.

11 Random Facts About Yours Truly

1. I love Fries. But damn, ‘love’ is probably an understatement in this case. I just love potatoes. Potatoes of any kind. Mashed Potatoes, Mojos, French Fries and whatnot. There’s just too much examples I think it deserves its own post. (Now that I think about it…) 2. I have OCD. It has its advantages…and some disadvantages. I can’t leave my room without knowing that my stuff are in the places I want them to be, (explains why I get late at class sometimes) I can’t resist scraping off the thin ice on the lid of the ice cream when someone gets it out of the freezer, I arrange chairs everywhere (literally everywhere, I can be a waitress at some restaurant if I go there). 3. I talk to myself to go and walk away when my OCD is catching up again. “Walk away. Just walk away…” 4. I love to play guitar and sing. I sing at bars and events sometimes with (or without) my guitar. I sing about anything, really. ANYTHING. Cups, to fries, to pizzas. 5. Oh yeah, ’cause I like to write songs. It gives me a sense of freedom to write about stuff in a different way…and it’s cool. 6. It took me a day to think of the 6th fact about me. I’m not that GOOD at this. But I’m gonna try my best for the 7th. 7. I have two of the ugliest toddler pictures taped on the door of my room back at home, ultimately to mark my territory…and it’s been there for years. 8. I have a cat named after an anime charater called ‘Fairytail’ and her name is “Happy”. She bore 4 kittens almost three months ago. The grey-haired kitten is named, “Tiger”, pronounced as ‘T-ger’, as in the one from Winnie The Pooh. The one with the white single-striped cat is named “Houdini” (Because he went missing all the time and at most, for 24 hours. Who knows what stray cats did to him.) The second photo below (from the left) is “Glee” because she looks like her mom, Happy, and her name is a synonym for ‘happy’, and no, I didn’t consider using the word, ‘gay’) Lastly, Ash is the one with the ash-colored fur. My father named him initially with, ‘Abo‘ a Tagalog term for ‘Ash’.

I call them, "The Rocha Cats Incorporated"
I call them, “The Rocha Cats Incorporated”

9. I love (then again, probably am addicted) to watch Sherlock. I love Benedict Cumberbatch. 10. I…do Zumba. Nope! Not ashamed of it! It helps me keep fit, healthy and toned! 11. I’m glad for posting this blog post! Now, to answer that 11 questions set for me (and the others who were nominated by SelfMadeJournalist) What is the first thought you had this morning? What I would do with my life today. That’s pretty much what I think about lately, with the summer vacation and all. Please let it end. What’s your favorite song? Gosh, there’s just so many songs out there. I can’t really shrink it down to one. If I were to ask, what song would be first in my head, it would be “Love like this” by Natasha Bedingfield feat. Sean Kingston. It’s just a chill song. And I always sing that one. If a unicorn fought against a T-Rex, who would win and why? There are three possible situations in this one: a) If the unicorn were to charge at the T-Rex, surely a T-Rex can’t grab the unicorn with its unbelievably short arms, so he can get stabbed with that horn on the unicorn’s head…and DIE. b) When the unicorn charges, the T-Rex may maneuver sideways and grab the unicorn’s body by the jaws and sink its teeth in it…to DIE. c) When the unicorn dies, and the T-Rex is proooobably unfamiliar with the unicorn anatomy, he might eat the horn accidentally and choke on it… and DIE. Whichever fits, I guess. What’s your favorite childhood memory? Playing with my favorite toys. Specifically, my Beanie Babies ‘Tracker Dog’ toys (The one came about 8 years ago, and then I bought another Beanie Babies ‘Tracker Dog’ about 3 years ago). Me and my brother loves to play with it along with the other toys like, creating an imaginary civilization were dogs are people, and other races like the Bears, Robo Dogs, Ghosts and the others come to migrate in “Doggard” as we like to call the country of the dogs. Coffee or tea? I guess I can say, I’m more of a coffee person. Not much of a tea-drinker. Except for ginger tea with sugar in it. It helps my voice stay healthy. Have you ever played The Sims? If so, how many sims have you killed? Oh. It should be included in the ‘childhood memories’ question. Practically, every sim I create, when I eventually get tired of their lives, I kill all of them except one, for the ghosts to haunt that last one. Tell me a fact about yourself that none of your friends knows. I hurt myself when I’m upset. But please! Don’t exaggerate. I won’t kill myself or whatever, I just pinch myself so hard to keep me from further being depressed with all the thinking. Give me (and your readers) a random piece of advice.  Do not overEAT. This doesn’t excuse anything. If you could be an animal, which one would you want to be? A bird. A free bird where I can go where I need to go. (So if I’ll be a bird, please, stop ILLEGAL LOGGING. We need the freakin’ trees to live in!) What’s your greatest accomplishment so far? Knowing people recognize you as a genuinely good person. 🙂 Where do you see yourself in ten years? (That’s the kinda question, your future employer may ask you, so better start thinking about it now.) A successful writer at some known magazine/a reporter (or host on a show) on national television/a known musician…with a loving husband and a happy family living in stable yet extraordinary lives.

And now that that’s done…

As part of the rules, I shall nominate 11 more bloggers for the Liebster Blog Award! 1. Mohit Tiwari 2. Craig Strachan 3. Spilled Ink 4. Love: The Dating Game 5. My Life Along the Gulf Coast …aaaaand I’ll update the list next time. And if you’ve been, like, nominated already, it’s okay to let this nomination pass. BUT, if you are going to participate, I really would like to hear your thoughts on the questions I made for you guys. 🙂 Now, for those I nominated, here are my…

11 questions for YOU

1. Why do you blog? Really? 2. Cat or dog? Defend your answer! (No offense to both sides) 3. Which place has the best to offer when you’re going on a vacation with a lover, friends or with family? 4. If you could be someone else (who, A. already exist, B. except God, C. not an animal) for a day, who would it be, why and what would you do on that day? 5. Have you ever been in or are you in a relationship? If yes, what was the greatest moment you two ever had (fill us with details!), if no, what are you waiting for? 6. Do you believe in destiny or choice? Defend. 7. Which are you most comfortable, pen and paper or directly on a laptop/tablet when you write? 8. Have any other talents? 9. Same question as number 4, but the condition is, who would you choose to be for a WEEK? 10. What is your favorite food?! 11. What would be your best story plot EVAH? Sky’s the limit, my friends. 🙂 Good Luck! …and thanks for the award! Thanks again, SelfMadeJournalist!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I absolutely love your take on my unicorn-question. It’s totally reasonable!
    Love this post! I truly enjoyed it.


    1. Thanks! I really poured my thoughts into that one. I couldn’t decide who would win, so I just thought of possible scenarios. Thank you for liking this post as well. It means a lot.


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