Of the Earthborns

The trees were tall where all birds could sing
The flowers all bloom as if it were spring
The golden sun shines with no pain
Dewdrops glow from the afternoon rain

The field was grand and wide as the sea
But now consumed by blocks and concrete
Surely we’ll die and surely we’ll choke
From skies once blue now darkened with smoke

Chemical evil flows with waters
Can we still drink from poisoned rivers?
Soon dirt would pierce and no birds would fly
Pollution on the fabric of skies

Are we stewards of the land we live?
Or residents with nothing to give?
Friend or foe, would humanity be
To the lands, waters and all we see

If we start green living, we’d be saved
Listen to the earth, we’ll come with aid
When we care, our future is better
Embrace the lands, protect our waters

My editor’s theme is now for the environment. Well, here goes. 


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