Of Guilt in Power

The city lights glitter in the night
I looked over the world’s urban sights
Cars and trucks on the road are they bound
From here their horns are just hollow sounds

Oblivious as I am to the wails I hear
I sense their pain and underlying fear
There lies a place where darkness is king
Outside the city where hope cannot sing

This guilt I feel have left me to suffer
Of a man I killed and left to wither
I have not seen, talked or even touched him
But it was because I could have saved him

Outside the city, poverty devours a nation
Eats hope, eats love and soon, salvation
I am above with possibilities but hopeless
I am above with authority but powerless

The guilt digs deeper into the core
I’d stumble, I’d fall, if blunted once more
I was not the man that the people thought
It was fame, power, authority I sought

I am not alone in this game of greed
People like me rise, betraying our creed
The country I claim to love I betrayed with selfishness
I’ll forever be shamed of being someone less

An election will arrive, the people will vote
I do not agree on repeating this note
Lives are at stake, to be held by one man
A powerful choice lies in your hands

(2nd Place, Poetry Writing English, RTSPC-Regional, Bicol, Philippines)

Basically, I wrote this because the 2016 elections are coming in the country. Plus, it was the first theme that popped into my head. 🙂


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