Tasty and All Sorts of Cheesy (Ham and Cheese)

I’ll tell you what I said
Again, it’s cheesy too
I fell in love with bread
When I fell for you

The first bite is soft
Tender, like all pastry
Yet my mouth has sought
To feed what’s empty

I took another
This time surprised me
I churned on further
The taste turned meaty

Sure as I am
Of what my mouth had vouched
It was indeed ham
That my tongue had touched

Then there it is
The saltiest part
The cheese it brings
Kissed my heart

Though few, as one sees
The taste is true
When I eat bread, ham and cheese
It reminds me of you

True enough, I made this poem for a literary exam (on poetry), and at first I have no clue nor a pang of inspiration on what to write about for 3 hours–until the place I was working the poem at gave me a Ham and Cheese Sandwich. Then, like lightning, I wrote this thing down…reminding me that I fell for pastry when I started seeing someone who loves it too. 

There we go!


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