A Love Made, A Love’s Promise

I looked back from the trails
That I have gone
The wind blew gentle
Like a memory of one

T’was brightest of eve
With the moon above
The stars did shine
Like it was in love

Your eyes have locked
And bore into mine
I looked away there it was
Your smile ever fine

Denial as it was
But I was purely certain
Could it be a jest?
Pull our hearts’ curtains!

Bare and naked
Our emotions were
The sky so wide
Yet the invisible fur

Stuttering and confusion
Along the words he spoke
I smiled and said
Thou a handsome bloke!

But there it was
Hearts and words bare
He spoke, I answered
With love I give rare

Soft lips, touching nose
Holding on, loving so
T’is the night he says
Our love shall grow

Love always started
When one is ready
The words spoken
Said with honesty

Love always screams
Of merriment and cries
And never built
On a pyramid of lies

Love will not be worth
If reasoned with cowardice
So never be afraid
To give love her promise

If you do you’ll look back
A smile without shade
Because it was true
No regrets were made


A midnight inspiration, I have to say. A 30-minute poem to exercise the mind. I’ve been losing my moxie. So I have to apologize the extreme delay in posting in my blog. I shall endeavor to regularly give you posts worthy of reading. 🙂



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