I See Flames

I see the flames and I see them burn
Burning through the soul of the evil
Justice has been served, yet I’ll let you turn
Vengeance still leaves a corpse unturned

Yes they do answer, yes they are right
To punish the one who committed sin
Death is the answer, it shows our might
But it makes eyes blind, black as the night

To punish with death makes gods among men
When there should and must only be one
When we do it once, we’ll do it again
Humans don’t kill our kind so what are we, then?

We call it what it is, we call it as injustice
When crime befalls on the innocent
An innocent with a family in need of justice
How then can we be sure of this malpractice?

Yet I see the flames of desire, darker than black
I’ll plea to stop before it even starts
We’ll make the nation no less an empty shack
Because Death is a point where we cannot go back


My country is under a fire difficult to extinguish. Right now, its youth is at the point of confusion whether to choose death every time a human being is convicted of a crime–not knowing  that our justice system can be flawed and bought, and could cause an innocent person to die in the hands of an unfair judgment of the court. The person might have did something wrong, probably a terrible crime involving a death of another, but what if her didn’t do it?

What are the chances he/she is innocent?


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