What’s the “Uncharted Pens” about?

Yes, I guarantee, this page will not be a barren wasteland of useless thoughts wandering about WordPress, but ‘a sea,’ of passionate ideas, opinions, random yet flavorful thoughts that streamed through from the heart.

In this blog, you will see a number of posts that I like to share with the world, another view of the world from the other side of it. There will be poems, essays, opinions, articles, throwback or just updates.

I am a young writer and musician trying to get out of my shell and into the sandy beach.

Now, why, ‘uncharted pens’?

Basically, ‘uncharted’ means ‘not yet mapped, recorded or surveyed’. I figured that it’s also (figuratively), a word for something that’s unknown or different. The whole blog will be composed of a lot of things, mostly, about things I have encountered and my opinions and ideas about it…or just some random poem or essay about anything, really. I will be trying to post some tips about music as well and other related posts on music. Aaaaand also some recipes I’d like to share. I will try posting regularly so keep an eye out!

My blog’s crazy, I know. Lots of stuff. So, at least it would never be a dull moment.

I’ve said enough about my blog, and if you have any questions regarding my posts please feel free to comment! I’d like to hear your thoughts as well. So now I’m just going to let you enjoy my blog. Take care! Ciao!



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