In the Philippines: Kings of Kinalas

If you’re out and about in the Philippines and came across Bicol, here’s a dish you should never miss.


To You: Who is Alone, In the Brink of Tears

We’ve all been in that empty room. This is for you.

Who is Guilt?

Covert and unknown A sin has been made An entity not shown Haunts us in the shade Present like the sun Staring like the moon He’s there after you’re done With a screeching tune Mistakes not admitted Mistakes kept hidden “I’m GUILT!” It shouted “With lies I’m driven!” The sin you did make More evil…

A Love Made, A Love’s Promise

I looked back from the trails That I have gone The wind blew gentle Like a memory of one T’was brightest of eve With the moon above The stars did shine Like it was in love Your eyes have locked And bore into mine I looked away there it was Your smile ever fine Denial…

Life and Angles

Click the link: Life and Angles…and see “my side of the world” through my lenses.